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Our old friend, the 38-year-old "old skater" from Bethnal green east London.He still insists on roller skating.


BC Reporter:Where are you from?

BIRD:Bethnal green east London.

BC Reporter:Where do you live now?

BIRD:Ladbroke grove west london.

BC Reporter:Do you prefer park or street? 

BIRD:Street - the options are endless and it can be a callange with great rewards.

BC Reporter:How old are you?How long have you been skating?

BIRD:38 years.25 years.


BC Reporter:What skates do you ride?

BIRD:Razors shift but moving on to usd sways.

BC Reporter:Where do you live now?

BIRD:Ladbroke grove west london.

BC Reporter:Sponsors?


BC Reporter:Best skating memory?

BIRD:Going to the us to compete in a ASA comp for the first time.

BC Reporter: Largest prize you've won?

BIRD:600 swiss francs.

BC Reporter: Best contest result?

BIRD:1st place geneva pro bowl contest 2012.


BC Reporter:What’s changed in skating over the last 10 years?

BIRD:he divercity of tricks and styles and the different ways in with people choose to use a obstacle in the street or in the skatepark.

BC Reporter:What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years of skating?

BIRD:Just still being able to roll around would be great and anying above that is a bonus.

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