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Attention! 🚨 Beware of fake sites like "Blade Club" claiming to be us. Your safety is our priority! Follow our real updates on Instagram at "Blade Club" for the latest and greatest. Thanks for being with us! 🌟


This backpack retains all the original qualities of the Blade Club skate bag, however, instead of exterior skate straps, it has streamlined accessory straps, perfect for hanging anything necessary from either a strap or carabiner. This backpack still includes a removable camera box for a filming trip or empty it out and toss your skates inside for a session.


BC Family

This section is for the family. These designs were made for the children, but are fresh enough for the big kids to wear and come in all applicable sizes.



To make wax, you first need to render fat. Our Blade Club soap design wax has been wildly popular and we couldn’t be happier. Made from a combination of paraffin and candle wax it goes on smooth and lasts. The top glows in the dark too. How sick is that?

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