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Experience the moment of "soft legs", then you will have a strong life -- Joe Atkinson and his aggressive skate story.


When Joe Atkinson was 4 years old, he got a pair of roller skates that his brother eliminated: a pair of very cheap and large size roller skates. Such a pair of shoes opened Joe's roller skating career.

At the age of 11, Joe first tried the extreme action of roller skating - back somersault. Joe took off with fear, but he couldn't control himself. He directly fell to the ground, curled up weakly for a while, and almost cried. This was the first time in Joe's life that he felt the existence of adrenaline so clearly. He didn't know how to deal with it, so he "turned back and landed".

Joe Atkinson said that if he did not control his fear at the first time, any hesitation that followed could lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, it is very important for this sport to be fully absorbed and devoted. While refining the roller skating technology, it also hones its own strong will.
Joe Atkinson on the field has sharp eyes, and his body seems to contain strength in every muscle and bone. His thin body is super light, and he jumps and waves on the ramp at one go. At the age of 4, he began to skate as if he had been integrated with his skates, and the injury was no longer a stumbling block in his eyes, but an opportunity to make a comeback. Every time he recovered, he gained wisdom.


BC Reporter: What is the difference between skating on the extreme sports ground and freely exploring in the city?
Joe:"Street" is the root of this sport. Once you put on roller skates and go on the street, you will explore the city from a unique perspective of the skater, and will unconsciously find various obstacles and urban facilities suitable for trying skill movements. You will fully interact with the whole environment and try new ways to play.

BC Reporter: Will there be psychological barrier when you put on roller skates again after each injury?

Joe:To me, injury is to repeat and summarize mistakes. Learn a lesson, upgrade to a stronger self and then reappear.
BC Reporter: Do you like to skate alone or with others?

Joe:I like the social impact of roller skating, but I also like the time and space to skate alone. I find it has a sense of healing and is a way of meditation for me.
BC Reporter: You have won many championships at all levels in the world, so what does it mean for you to continue to participate in the competition?
Joe:I always have a sense of responsibility in my heart. I hope that I can "force" myself to break through the original boundaries of this sport time and time again, so that the fans who pay attention to this sport can be continuously inspired and obtain a continuous stream of inspiration.

Joe Atkinson's interview also reflects the growth process and mental process of all skaters. Never be "weak" in the face of "fear". Summarize experience, learn lessons, and face it firmly, and have the confidence to overcome "fear". This is the charm that extreme sports bring to young people, and also the way of human survival and evolution.

There is no doubt that Joe Atkinson is a genius on the field. However, his skills are not only reflected in the skate park. He was originally a street skater in England. He accomplished everything he could on the streets, railings, ledges and gaps. Joe's dedication to the progress of roller skating has won the admiration of skaters and bystanders. We are very happy that Joe can become a member of our Blade Club Originals team and look forward to more cooperation with him in the future. Joe also said that after the epidemic, he would visit China again in the near future to exchange skills with Chinese skaters.

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